This TikTok Of A Dog Sitting In A Boat Made Of White Claw Boxes And Cans Is Incredible Pepperell Massachusetts PET-icure Pet Grooming & Supplies

This TikTok Of A Dog Sitting In A Boat Made Of White Claw Boxes And Cans Is Incredible

After months of spending time only at home, people are finally revealing their finest quarantine projects. For some, that may be a new song or their own backyard coffee shop. For one TikToker, it’s a pool-sized ship made of White Claw cans and boxes that’s perfect for a small dog to float on.

TikToker @twhancock is the mastermind behind such a creation. In a video fittingly set to the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean, the user showcases a mini ship with a sail, flag, and canons that’s completely made of White Claw cans and boxes. To make it even better, a dog wearing a pirate costume patiently sits on the ship and is straight vibing throughout most of the video.



Imagine what I could do with 3 more months of quarantine. ##whiteclaw ##dog ##Manifestation

♬ Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (Movie Main Theme) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



This DIY is essentially TikTok gold for all White Claw and dog lovers. “This needs to be used as an actual ad for White Claw,” one person wrote in the comments. Others said this is exactly the right way to recycle. “Captain White Claw, some say he knows no laws ☠️,” another person joked. Someone even asked if the ship was for sale! FYI, it's not as of right now, but who knows what the future holds?

All I want to know is how many cans and boxes it took to make this work of art. A step-by-step guide to creating your own wouldn’t hurt, too. I'd also love to see one made of Truly cans with another dog on it. Please and thanks!


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