Petstages Orka Kat Catnip Stuffers Cat Toy

Petstages Orka Kat Catnip Stuffers Cat Toy

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Pet-Stages ORKA-kat Catnip Stuffers / Mice Cat Toys are a unique way to keep your cat entertained and reduce destructive behaviour while you're out of the house.
Cats often find themselves home alone and can easily become bored which is where ORKA-kat Catnip Stuffers / Mice Toys come into play.

Pet-Stages Catnip Stuffers come in packs of 2 and are mouse-shaped and made from a non-toxic catnip-infused material infused to arouse and keep your cat's interest.

In this way, they are designed to attract your cat's attention when they become bored and stop them from chewing, scratching and interfering with things around your home.

The catnip in each Mice Toy ensures a long-lasting scent but Pet-Stages also provides catnip bags which you can stuff inside each toy to keep it's aroma fresh and enticing.

Each ORKA-kat Catnip Cat Toy also has a textured surface which your cat can chew on and at the same time clean their teeth clean.

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